Sol is one of the Central Coast’s premier DJ’s with constant presentations and elaborate club exhibitions on the daily. His stride and full commitment to DJ’ing began at the mere age of sixteen after being influenced by greats like the Baka Boyz, E-man, Armand Van Helden and Wicked: DJ’s that are not only talented, but are still relevant in the present era. San Luis Obispo is where Sol began to showcase his passion for DJing, securing venues like Mother’s Tavern and SLO Brew within a matter of months.

Sol’s style of mixing is highly respected by not only patrons but through many of his counterparts. Sol also implemented a new standard for DJ’s by pushing a highly marketable brand and appeal to the public and with repeated success; Sol took his craft to San Luis Obispo’s “Wild 106” (KWWV-FM) where he pushed his style through to the airwaves on a daily basis. His slot, “The 5 O’Clock Traffic Jam” was the #1 most listened to hour, not just for Wild 106, but in the San Luis Obispo market in it’s entirety and Sol was at the helm of it for six consecutive years.


Sol’s patrons can sum up the Sol experience in three words: energetic, appealing, and ecstatic. His craft and high demand behind the turntables has led him to not only local bookings in the San Luis Obispo area, but also out of state, on the concert stages and on the big screen. The Sol experience is a must. Whether he is rocking a crowd near you, crafting his next podcast for iTunes, or performing with your favorite artist. Put your hands up! The journey is about to begin.